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Think you know Microsoft Excel? Think again!

Think you know excel

When posed with the inevitable “Tell me about your job” question at a social function, I’m quite lucky in that I have a “Ronseal” (does what it says on the tin) type of job. “I train people to use Microsoft Excel”. I am yet to meet someone who hasn’t heard of Excel, but, I am often amazed at how little people really understand just how powerful this piece of software is.

They seem surprised that anyone needs to be “trained” in how to use the software. And when I ask them how they use the product, they tend to describe “a spreadsheet” that allows you to organise data in rows and columns and run some calculations.

But calling Excel “a spreadsheet” is like calling a Formula 1 Mercedes “a car” – it is so much more!

A Formula 1 driver has to be highly trained so they can be familiar with everything that the finely tuned engine, perfectly balanced wheels and precision steering system has to offer – it is capable of far more than the average run of the mill car, and not just anyone can “jump in” and expect to get maximum results.

And the same applies to Excel. It has so much more to offer when wielded by a well-trained hand.

Most people who use a PC will have a basic knowledge of how to use excel in its simplest form, its greatest strength (and also pitfall) is that it’s designed in such a way that anyone can open it up and get started and, in a short time, can be producing charts and graphs and encapsulate information on averages and totals etc.

But it has so much more to offer than that, especially the more recent releases.

Here are my top five favourite latest features:

  1. Decision-making formulas to monitor progress and alert you when action is required so you can act accordingly
  2. ‘one-click’ statistical forecasting that can forecast past your last data point into the future
  3. An incredible range of chart types with invaluable highly specialised use cases
  4. 3D data maps which are vital for anyone working with global data
  5. Third party data source integration so you can quickly and easily to tidy data and present in an easy to understand (and utilise) format

It is an exceptionally powerful and adaptable tool that improves performance, increases productivity and saves people time, which in turn saves the organisations they work for money.

It’s time for EXCELlence

And yet, even though Microsoft Excel is used by just about every office-based employee, most have had no formal training so aren’t reaping the rewards or seeing the benefits this product can bring.

We Are Excel offer a range of classroom-based courses at our training centre in London and Sheffied; we also provide in-house classes to teams of people within organisations nationwide. Delegates benefit from group training in an environment where they can share experiences and discuss real-world applications of this software. We can demonstrate, while adhering to a prescribed set of course outcomes, how our delegates can apply to technology in a way that improves their working day.

We are so confident that our courses are amongst the best in the country, that EVERY delegate posts their unfiltered feedback online here.

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